Flooring your home, a big decision

Flooring your home, a big decision

Homeownership is part of the American Dream. When you are ready to invest in your home, one of the best ways to do it is with fantastic floors. It’s a big decision. However, Tustin’s Carpets & Flooring is a flooring store in Santa Ana, CA, and we are here to help you make those big decisions with confidence and certainty.


Hardwood is an excellent choice for floors in your home. Know that there are two types of flooring, solid and engineered. The solid flooring means that the wood plank has the same thickness throughout it. It is a single plank that is nailed down to a subflooring structure. Engineered floors have a slice of the desired-looking wood on the top, with three or four pieces of wood interlinked underneath so it can fit together like a jigsaw when it comes to installation. All of these pieces fit together and make the top look gorgeous. Hardwood comes in different-looking woods, like maple, hickory, ash, oak, and cherry.


Laminate is another tried and true flooring product from the 70s. You probably remember seeing it in your grandfather’s house. It has a hard surface and is very durable. It can be waterproofed if you ask for that, and it will last a long time in your house. It can look like wood, tile, and stone with the imaging done today for laminate.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is the most popular product on the market today. It can come in a look of wood, tile, or stone. It feels like wood underneath. It feels like stone underneath. This is due to the 3D imaging layer that is pressed into the waterproof core of the vinyl. It can have either a composite wood layer or a composite stone layer. The waterproof core means that it won’t curl, ripple, or warp when exposed to water at all. When installed, it fits like a jigsaw with a tight seal over the subfloor. It is a quality floor that can go into any room.

At Tustin’s Carpets & Flooring, you’ll find that we pride ourselves on meeting and surpassing your needs. Come to our showroom in Santa Ana, CA, to see what our flooring experts can help you with. We serve Santa Ana, Orange, Tustin, Irvine, and Villa Park, CA. Our flooring company is here to help you find the right floor for your home.