Not sure about carpet flooring durability? Read on to find out!

Not sure about carpet flooring durability? Read on to find out!

Carpeting is durable. There are versions with extra strength and stain resistance.

But to get the highest performing rugs, there are three things you must consider.

Before you step into a store, examine your lifestyle

Make sure whatever you choose is aligned with your needs. A large family with kids and pets will have different requirements than a small, quiet family.

Also, think about where it will be installed and how it will be used. For example, is it a low or high traffic room? Is it the center of family activity or one only used for entertaining?

The soft surface floor covering you fell in love with at your neighbor's house may not suit you. Needs are highly individual.

Think about fiber

This is the material from which rug yarns are made. That makes it the very essence of a rug.

There are both natural and synthetic fibers. Both are good choices, and your selection will depend upon how much you value specific characteristics and your budget.

Be sure to tell the experts in our carpet store about your needs. They will guide you to the right one.

Wood is natural, soft, firm, and soil-resistant. Popular synthetics include nylon, which is ultra-tough and great for highly trafficked areas.

Polyester has superior stain resistance and is best for moderately trafficked rooms. Olefin (polypropylene) is durable and budget-friendly, while triexta is known for permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

Let us transform your home with carpeting!

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