Synthetic versus natural carpet fibers – What is the difference?

Synthetic versus natural carpet fibers – What is the difference?

As you search for the perfect carpet floor covering, you will find both natural and synthetic options. Each offers different characteristics and benefits, so what is the difference?
We are so happy to answer that question for you in today's post briefly. Read along to find out more information about these two fiber types.

Synthetic or natural carpeting?

The most obvious difference between natural and synthetic carpet fibers is, of course, that one is all-natural, and the other is manufactured. All-natural fibers can consist of wool, sisal, jute, and a host of different materials.

Natural fibers are certainly more eco-friendly and environmentally sound. The sustainability of resources used in creating the product makes it an exceptionally worthwhile commitment if you desire.

Synthetic fiber options offer far more benefits when it comes to durability, specifically with stain resistance. Some brands provide built-in stain protection that lasts the life of your flooring and can never be washed or worn off, even through multiple professional cleanings.

Synthetic fibers, especially the ever-popular nylon and polyester options, are more affordable and practical than natural fibers, making them more accessible for the general population. When you are ready to purchase a floor covering, be sure to stop in and speak with a flooring professional for more details.

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