What type of carpet is suitable for a bedroom

For bedroom carpeting, you'll probably want something warm and soft to step on first thing in the morning! You'll also want a soft surface floor covering that insulates noise, especially if you have residents who are young children, infants, or shift workers.

Plush texture
You’ll see a lot of styles and textures in our carpet store, and quite honestly, they can all be soft on some level, but you may decide that velvet and luxurious is the way to go. Plush textures have densely packed fibers and, since they all go in the same direction, it has a reflective quality that leaves footprints and other marks. A rug like Saxony Plush is ideal since the bedroom is low traffic (unless you use it for different spaces, such as home gyms or offices). If the room gets a little more foot traffic, you also consider Saxony Texture (sometimes called "trackless"), which won't leave marks or a looped construction like a Berber.

High pile
When a rug has long, loose fibers like the shag, it is called a "high pile." Shag rugs, incidentally, no longer come in just the iconic gold, green and brown colors of the 1970s. Instead, technology has made for larger color palettes, and you can get fun multi-colors or solids like red, orange, green, purple, brown, black, and more. Shags require extra TLC for cleaning, but they can be ideal for a low-traffic space like the bedroom.

The frieze is also high pile, but the fibers are shorter than the shag and so tightly twisted they curl. This gives it a “messy” and casual look.

When you’re looking for carpet flooring, whether for the bedroom or some other area, be sure to check out Air.o, a hypoallergenic carpet, SmartStrand; SmartStrand Color Max, and SmartCushion. We'll be happy to describe them and give you a free quote. But, then, come into Tustin Carpet & Flooring in Santa Ana, CA, servicing Orange, Tustin, Irvine, and Villa Park.